What is the Open Class?

  • Stabilizers over 12" in length
  • Sights with a lens or magnification
  • Same for Men's and Women's Open classes
  • Max Yardage: 50 yards +/- 10%

What is the Bowhunter Class?

  • Stabilizers 12" or less
  • Fixed pin sights or adjustable pin sights with NO lens or magnification
  • Same for both Men's and Women's Bowhunter class.
  • Max Yardage: 40 yards +/- 10%

What is the Traditional Class?

  • No sights
  • No stabilizers
  • Recurve or longbow
  • Compounds with no sights or stabilizers may shoot in this class
  • Same for both men & women
  • Max Yardage: 25 yards +/- 10%
What is the Youth Advanced Class?
  • Stabilizers over 12'' in length
  • Sight with lens or magnification
  • Max Yardage: 40 yards +/- 10%

What is the Youth Class?

  • Age 11-16
  • Bows with stabilizers 12'' or less
  • Sights with no lens or magnification
  • Max Yardage: 25 yards +/- 10%

What is the Cub Class?

  • Age 10 and under
  • Any bow of your choice
  • Max Yardage: 25 yards +/- 10%
General Questions

When does Pre-Registration Close?

Pre-Registration closes at 8 pm (CST) the Wednesday before the event. If you miss the pre-registration deadline you may always register at the door.

How can I get directions to the shoot?

Directions are available on the event-specific pages. Directions are also available in the "find the R100 nearest you" section.

What happened to the Alien Queen?

Unfortunately, the Alien Queen escaped and returned to her home planet.

Can I shoot broadheads?


Are there actually 100 targets, or do we shoot 50 targets twice?

There are 100 different targets on the R100 range, including 67 targets from Rinehart's 3d line and 33 custom targets made especially for the R100.

Can you shoot all 100 targets in one day?

Yes, but we recommend starting as early as possible so you don't miss anything.

Are crossbows allowed?

Yes. Crossbows do not currently have a dedicated class. They may enter just for fun.

Are non-shooters allowed to walk the course?

Yes. This is a family-friendly event. As long as non-shooters remain on the path the more the merrier.

Are range finders and binoculars allowed?

Range finders and binoculars are allowed on the R100.

How many arrows do we shoot per target?

You shoot 1 arrow per target. 

Is the R100 known or unknown yardage?

The R100 has now known yardage. 

What is the scoring at the R100?

The R100 uses IBO scoring and it is as follows. 12,10,8,5.

What is the Super Ten?

The Super Ten is a 2 man scramble money shoot featuring animals from all categories of the North American Big Game Super Ten. It is 10 targets with scoring as 14,12,10,8,5. Each team shoots one arrow per person at each target. Your team will drop your lower-scoring arrow and keep the higher scoring arrow. All targets will be unknown distance and no rangefinders will be allowed. Max distance will be capped at 60 yards. The cost is $10 per person and it starts at 3:00 pm on Saturday. The winning team takes 50% of the pot and the second-place team takes 25%.

Are pets allowed on the course?
Yes. With so many people around make sure to have the pet leashed or under control.
Are there targets available for sale off the R100 range after the shoot?
No. The R100 range is made up of entirely Rinehart targets and will last for years before targets need to be retired and sold.
Is this a marked shoot?
We no longer mark the yardage of the target at the stake but there are yardage sheets available for both courses at the Registration table.
What time does the R100 start?
The R100 starts at 7:30 am or earlier. Check the details for each shoot to confirm start time.

How do I get the R100 to come to my club?

Fill out the form on our Contact Us page and someone from the R100 will be in touch with you.

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