r100 National archery tour

Specialty shoots

R100 Archer shooting dinosaur target

Youth Zone

The youth zone will consist of five exclusive, uniquely painted dinosaur targets and two NASP targets. It is free to all youth and cub shooters. Youth and cub shooters must be supervised at all times while using the Youth Zone. The Youth Zone will be open at the same time as the Safari and North American ranges.

HHA USA Whitetails For Warriors

The Whitetails for Warriors is a pay to play ($10 per round) shoot where the archer will shoot 10 whitetail deer targets at various distances between 10 – 50 yards which will be known to the shooter. You will shoot 1 arrow at each target and record your total score for the round. Scoring will be OPA style with pink and orange 14 and 12 rings. The 14 ring must be called to be in play, and any missed 14’s will score no more than an 8. The archer with the highest score will receive a fabulous prize from our sponsor!

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White Nbef

NBEF Steel Forest Challenge. Aim small, win BIG!

The NBEF Steel Forest Challenge is a 10 target FREE shoot where the archer must successfully shoot 10 whitetail deer targets that are obstructed by our steel trees. Each shooter is allowed only 2 arrows total. If both arrows are broken on the steel, you are eliminated. Scoring is 12, 10, 8, 0 (Body), -5 (miss). The archer with the highest point total will win a fabulous prize from our sponsor!

Badlands Iron Buck Shoot

The Badlands Iron Buck Shoot is a FREE event where the archer must place his or her arrow in the foam insert on our steel deer. Each archer is only allowed 1 arrow. The insert is roughly the size of a large dinner plate and to advance, your arrow must safely hit the insert. Any arrow not in the insert will be eliminated. The first round will be shot at 40 yards and each round will be 10 yards farther than the last. The last archer left standing will receive a fabulous prize from our sponsor!

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