General Information

  • The R100 is a family-friendly 3D archery circuit that works with clubs all across the country to host R100 events. All events will be the same format including two 50-target ranges (the Safari Range and the North American Range). On top of the 2 ranges, we also provide specialty shoots each day, which you can learn more about here
  • The max group size at the R100 is 6 shooters. If you are attending the event by yourself and would like to shoot with a group, you can ask to join others or ask the event coordinator to help you find a group. You will find that most archers are very friendly and always willing to join up with someone new!
  • There are no assigned group start times or pairings. As long as the range is open, you can shoot when and with whomever you wish.
  • Each range loop must be shot in order. For safety and courtesy reasons, please do not shoot targets in reverse order. If there is a way to safely go around a back-up and skip a target or two, you may do that. When you return to shoot the targets you skipped, please start from the beginning of the range. Always be aware of other shooters around you.
  • Spectators are allowed on the range at no additional cost. Pets are welcome as well as long as they are people and pet-friendly. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and please make sure to clean up any messes they may leave.
  • Please respect the grounds and targets at the event. We want to leave the host clubs as clean as possible and respect their property as if it was our own. Please treat the targets with care and do not climb on any target as they are not built to withstand weight on top of them.
  • In the event of inclement weather, we will shoot rain or shine. The only foreseeable circumstance that will result in closing the range is flooding or lightning. In the event of lightning, we will close the range until the storm passes and reopen as soon as we can confirm that it is safe to shoot. If we have to cancel due to flooding or other acts of nature, refunds will be issued accordingly.

Check-In and Registration

  • To pre-register, visit the event page. Pre-registration closes at 8:00 pm (CST) on the Wednesday before the event.
  • When you arrive at the event, you will check-in at the registration trailer. If you pre-registered online, you will just need to pick up your scorecards and raffle tickets.
  • On-site registration/check-in will be available on Friday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Saturday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, and Sunday 7:00 am – 10:00 am. We accept cash and credit/debit cards for on-site registration.
  • If you need to register you will use a kiosk to enter your information and then pick up your scorecards and raffle tickets.
  • Once you have received your scorecards and raffle tickets you can head straight out to the range or warm-up at the practice range. (scorecards are your admission to the range).
  • Refunds – we do not offer refunds for pre-registered shooters who do not show up. Refunds are also not given to shooters who only complete part of a range. Refunds will only be given if an event is canceled (flooding, sharknado, other acts of God).

Yardage & Scoring

  • All classes are known yardage. There will be a yardage sheet provided at registration and range finders are also allowed.
  • Scoring for the R100 will be center 12’s on IBO inserts. Each archer will shoot 1 arrow per target and the scoring will be as follows: 12, 10, 8, 5, 0.
  • Score entry will be completed by the shooter on our registration kiosk stations. When you have entered your total score for a range, it will appear on the Registration TVs.

Shooting Classes

  • Men & Women Open:
    • Stabilizers over 12’’ total length
    • Sights with a lens or magnification
    • White stake – max yardage 50 yards (+/- 10%)


    Men & Women Hunter:

    • Stabilizers 12’’ total length or less
    • Fixed pin sights or adjustable pin sights with NO lens or magnification (verifier/clarifier peep sights are allowed)
    • Red stake – max yardage 40 yards (+/- 10%)


    Men & Women Traditional:

    • No sights
    • No stabilizers
    • Recurve, longbow, or compounds with no sights or stabilizers may shoot in this class
    • Blue stake – max yardage 25 yards (+/- 10%)


    Youth Advanced:

    • Ages 11 – 16
    • Any bow of your choice
    • For youth who shoot competitively and would like more challenging yardage
    • Red stake – max yardage 40 yards (+/- 10%)



    • Ages 11-16
    • Any bow of your choice
    • Yellow stake – max yardage 25 yards (+/- 10%)



    • Ages 10 and under
    • Any bow of your choice
    • Yellow stake – max yardage 25 yards (+/- 10%)
    • Cub shooters can shoot from as close as needed


    Just for Fun:

    • Any age
    • Any bow of your choice (includes crossbows)
    • Bows may shoot from any stake
    • Crossbows shoot from White stake – max yardage 50 yards (+/- 10%)
    • Scores will not be posted at event or online

Yardage Exception: Host clubs will have the option to set the following targets out to a maximum of 80 yards for the Open classes and 55 yards for the Hunter classes.

  • Sasquatch
  • Yeti
  • Moose
  • Buffalo
  • Bedded Elk
  • Standing Elk
  • Caribou
  • Lion

Schedule of Events


12:00 PM – Registration opens
12:00 PM – Safari Range, Practice Range & Youth Range open
3:00 PM – Whitetails for Warriors opens
5:30 PM – Friday Door Prize Drawings (have until Sunday 2pm to claim)
6:00 PM – Whitetails for Warriors closes
7:00 PM – Registration closes
Dusk – All Ranges close


7:00 AM – Registration and all ranges open
10:00AM – Whitetails for Warriors opens
2:30 PM – Saturday Door Prize Drawings (have until Sunday 2pm to claim)
5:00 PM – Whitetails for Warriors closes
5:00 PM – Registration closes
Dusk – All Ranges Close


7:00 AM – Registration and all ranges open
10:00 AM – Registration closes
11:00 AM – Steel Forest Challenge opens
1:00 PM – Steel Forest Challenge closes
2:00 PM – All ranges close
2:30 PM – Iron Buck starts at 40 yards
3:00 PM – Sunday Door Prize Drawings & Award Presentation (must be present to win)

Door Prizes

You will receive door prize tickets with your registration. If you have registered for one range, you will receive 1 ticket. If you signed up for both ranges, you will receive two tickets. If you pre-registered online, you will receive one additional ticket. Extra tickets are NOT available for purchase. Drawing held daily.


Top Finisher pins will be given for 1st – 5th place for each division on each range. These will be handed out Sunday with our 3:00pm door prize drawing.

We will also give out pins for shooters that shoot over 1000 points for the weekend. These can be picked up at any time. We do give point handicaps to the following divisions:

  • Hunter: 20 points

  • Traditional: 150 points

  • Youth/Cub: 250 points

To calculate if you have earned an R1000 point pin, add both range scores to your handicap. If that number is > 1000, you will receive a pin.

(Safari Range Score) + (North American Range Score) + (Handicap) = TOTAL

You must be present to collect all door prizes and awards, they will not be sent out after the event.

The Ten Commandments to Safely Enjoy Shooting at the R100

  1. Field points only. No broadheads or blunt tips.
  2. Alcohol on the range is strictly prohibited. This includes the practice range and specialty shoots.
  3. The max group size is 6 archers per group. Groups with 7 or more shooters will be asked to split up to help range flow.
  4. Please let smaller groups that are waiting for pass through to help range flow.
  5. Please avoid sky or side drawing to avoid sending errant arrows downrange.
  6. Please shoot from the correct stake for your class. If you would like to move up or down to a different division you can shoot the range from your desired stake and change your division when you complete the range.
  7. DO NOT shoot the fiberglass animals outside of the insert area. These animals are made of fiberglass and steel. Any arrows outside of the insert may result in damaged animals and on occasion a broken arrow.
  8. Be mindful of your surroundings when pulling arrows, wait for those around you to clear the area so that they do not get poked by a nock when arrows are being pulled.
  9. We strongly encourage that you bring a pair of boots in the event of inclement weather. Other great items to bring along include bug spray, sunscreen, water, a chair or stool, and rain gear.
  10. Please be honest about your scores and add your scores carefully. Remember to have fun but also remember that this is a friendly event and we want everyone to be fair and honest to their fellow competitors.